Empowering creators to build better games through democratization and community ownership.

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With more than 2.7 billion gamers worldwide, community driven ownership and game creation should be the standard for the video game industry. From forging the initial idea over collaboration to fundraising and finally creating game economies, it is vital to provide gamers with a safe environment to collaborate.

For Gamers + Creators

GameDAO enables the gaming community to collaboratively coordinate, own and fund high quality games. We achieve this through community discovery and curation driven by a quality audience and best in class UX, transparency.

Discovery + Curation

Community curated by design: Get promoted or invited by the community to become part of top tier creators club: GameDAO is for everyone and curation leads to maximum leverage for the best ideas, No matter if you are a fresh Indy or a seasoned AAA.

Governance + Democracy

Voting and directing teams does not need to be boring and gamification drives adoption in governance and participation: Level up voting power and get rewarded through contribution.

Open Protocols built in web3

GameDAO creates open protocols dedicated to transform and bridge the world of video games into the world of Web3. DAO, DeFi and NFTs shift the power back where it belongs: into the hands of the community.

better games

Roadmap + Key Milestones

  • 2019
    Research for legal DAOs in Europe
    Protocol core development starts
  • 2020
    Alphaville Testnet Live
  • 2021
    Pinky Paper
    Winner of Top Blockchain Hackathon
    Outlier Ventures Polkadot Basecamp 1
  • Q1 22
    Company Setup
    Seed Round
    Acala and Kilt Partnership
  • Q2 22
    Substrate Builders Program
    Launched Beta One with 200 OG Keys
    Joined Outlier Ventures Ascent
  • Q3 22
    Rococo Slot Acquired for ZERO
    Talisman Wallet +
    PolkaWallet Integration
    WAVE & SPARXX Partnership
  • Q4 22
    Guild Beta with WAVE Esports
    Private Sale
    ZERO Parachain
  • Q1 23
    $GAME Public Sale + TGE
    Protocol Launch
    Scale Up Guild Case
  • Q2 23
    Seed Fund Creator Teams
    Investor Syndicates


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